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Colin Holmes Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitars. Vocals Tracks 2,5,6,7. USA 1976 Fender Telecaster, Fender CD140SCE, Admira 2000FI.

Asher Dowson Acoustic Guitars, Vocals Tracks 3,4. Gibson J200.

Jon Headley Pianos, Keyboards. M Audio Hammer Action Prokeys 88.

Hannah Iacco Vocals Tracks 1,8,9.

Alex Eden Harmonicas Track 5. Hohner.

Richard Ferdinando Drums. Pearl Kit, Zildjian/Sabian Cymbals.

Hugh Bradley Bass Guitars. Overwater 5 String Fretless Basses.

Terry Priestley Track 8. Saxaphone. Selmer Super 80.

Neumann U87 Microphones.

Marshall Amplification.

Cutting my teeth with Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and The Eagles, and having the pleasure of seeing all of them live, prompted a desire to create my own music.

Heavily influenced by Dave Gilmour and Scott Gorham, I played lead guitar in a Seventies rock band in Leeds. Gigging for 7 years and continuously writing for the next 30 years, people were asking me what sort of music is it. Not having the luxury of a band to perform the music prompted a desire to record these songs so people could hear  for themselves.

In 2008, I chose a variety of songs from my portfolio for the album. I started the arrangements for each song and re-wrote lyrics to suit the new arrangements, recording at home in sketch pad form using my Tascam 2488 Neo 24 track digital recorder. Musicians were tracked down locally by word of mouth to play and sing on the formal recording at Factory Street Studios. www.factorystreet.co.uk

 Rehearsals began at Factory Street Studios in late 2009 with recording starting  in May 2010. Digital multitrack was chosen as the songs would be recorded track by track as each individual musician came into the studio. Not the best way to record songs but the only practical way to suit individuals diaries and availability. Engineered by Alex Eden who successfully created a "live" sound without the sometimes artificial perfection of some recordings. 

December 2010, coldest for over 100 years. Snow, Ice, swine flu........ What a great environment for some creative output. Hey, this is Yorkshire and we grind it out up here. Losing your voice is no excuse for bad singing. I don't claim to be a vocalist but I'm having a go. Now where did I put those Fishermans' Friends........?

This recording is intended as a songwriting demo. Mistakes were made and recorded and the finished article dictated by constraints of time and budget. The album is called Words From Life and is just that. Nothing complicated, flashy or clever. Simple melodies and song structures.

The CD cover artwork depicts a Dragonfly getting on with it's simple life. A life without the complications of finance, politics, structure and conflict. We share the same world with beautiful creatures like these. Maybe we should slow down and learn something from them.

Hopefully, someone will listen and say yes, I get it.........

Track Listing.   All tracks copyright Colin Holmes 2011.

1.   Something to Say.

       A song about honesty and trust being all that really matters.

2.   Maybe Tomorrow.

       Dont leave till tomorrow something you can do today.

3.   Time is Life is.

       A song about our short time on this planet.

4.   Halfway House.

       Sometimes we all need a little help.

5.   Working Mans Blues.

      Want to change something in your life? Make a deal with yourself. 

      Loose blues riffs, nobody is perfect.

6.   Escape in the City.

      A very personal journey.

7.   See You Through.

       Sometimes you help others.

8.   Friends Can Be.

      Yes they can.

9.   Mam AH.

       A song dedicated to my late mother Alice Holmes. Homemaker

      and mother to 8 children. Devoted triplet sister to Doris and Gladys.

10. Hora De Decir Adios.

       A simple and raw instrumental composed in the hospice


       5pm Thursday 27th  November 2008.   

       Translated means " Time to Say Goodbye". 

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